Hi, I’m Ottó — A Curated Smart Finance blockchain built for the web3 community, promoting safe and compliant decentralized finance.

Otto creates NFT identity attestation

Ottó is a permissioned blockchain that leverages NFT identity attestation to signal to developers, custodians, and other market participants that a user is KYC compliant (while allowing the user to maintain privacy).

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Ottó enhances security with multi-chain digital assets

A multichain asset network allows users to transact natively with any token from any blockchain while storing underlying assets securely with a custodian, enhancing security and transparency.

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Ottó supports new product launches

To support the launch of new products and promote a thriving web 3 ecosystem, Ottó offers grants to fund new products as well as supporting new products with a seed-funding process once products are launched.

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Ottó is a community driven eco-system

Ottó's community makes the decisions and are rewarded for participation. Decentralization is at Ottó's core.

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Ottó prioritizes security. We provide an ecosystem that complies with regulatory requirements, while staying true to blockchain principles. Ottó will help DeFi flourish and push the space forward for both users and developers.

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