Ottó's token economy.

OTTO is the native asset used to reward staking and secure consensus. OTTO performs a range of key functions in the ecosystem.

What is the OTTO token used for?

Gas and block rewards


Gas fees paid on the network accumulate in the treasury and are paid as rewards to validators once a block is finalized.

Rewards for on-chain activity


The community will vote if and how rewards are paid to market participants to incentivize on-chain activity.



OTTO token will be used as collateral when using applications. A certain amount of OTTO token would need to be staked in order for these applications to be present on chain.

Casting Votes in the DAO


Market participants with a higher proportion of the OTTO supply will carry more weight in decisions made by the DAO.

Why hold the

OTTO token?

OTTO token is required to participate in onchain activities. OTTO token also allows users to be a decentralized part of the Ottó blockchain enabling them to interact with security and governance of the ecosystem.

Where can I purchase OTTO?
Mex C global