So you’re wanting to build a Dapp? Here’s why you should build with Ottó.

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Grants and funding.

Ottó is decentralized, and the DAO can allocate treasury towards promising protocols, fundraising protocol built into the core modules of the chain. Where once dapps are launched we can help the dapp gain funding in a decentralized way on Ottó.


In decentralized market you do not have to provide the whole ecosystem. You can specialize in your specific function in a pool of other protocols and liquidity available to your function.

KYC and safety.

Ottó allows projects to offer their initial token via auction. Ottó blockchain intrinsically ensures all funds are KYC and AML vetted removing counter party risk from the project.

What’s different about developing on Ottó?

Developers on the Ottó ecosystem have the opportunity to deliver products to a completely new audience of KYC verified investors.

To support the launch of new products and promote a thriving ecosystem, Ottó offers grants to support new products progressing through testing, auditing, and launch on the blockchain.

Ottó will also support new products with a seed-funding process once products are launched on-chain. By taking a proactive role to seeding the ecosystem with new DApps, Ottó will attract new and innovative products, deliver safe and secure access to cutting-edge technology for the web 3 DeFi community, and jump-start the ecosystem development.

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